Saturday, September 20, 2014

Fleisch wins mayoral election


By Pat Cooper

It was all over for the Peachtree City mayoral election by 8:15 p.m.. With all 12 precincts reporting and 72.15 percent of the vote, former city councilmember Vanessa Fleisch will be taking her place in the mayor’s seat come this January. Fleisch will also be the first woman to hold the position in Peachtree City history.

Out of 3163, former mayor Harold Logsdon took 881 votes, garnering 27.85 percent of the ballots cast.

“The voters of our great City have sent a very clear message to city hall: We need to work together and put Peachtree City first. I share this win with the citizens of Peachtree City who are ready to move away from the petty politics of the past and forward to a positive future for our great City.”

Fleisch and Logsdon faced off after eliminating three other potential candidates, including incumbent Mayor Don Haddix. In the November General Election, former city councilman George Dienhart hauled in 20.21 percent of the vote with 957 votes; political newcomer Ryan Jolly ranked in at 7.65 percent - 361 votes- and incumbent mayor Don Haddix slipped into last place with 238 votes - or 5.05 percent of the count.


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