Monday, October 20, 2014

Intersection lights collapse, tree crashes through roof


By Pat Cooper

Well into Wednesday night, Peachtree City authorities were caught up in keeping traffic away from the busiest intersection in the metro-Atlanta area when ice and wind resulted in traffic signals and lines collapsing down.

At the intersection of Highways 54 and 74, traffic signals and signs scraped the ice, bounced in the wind as police shut down the roadway. Live power lines sparked along the roadway and the police department worked under emergency power.

All afternoon and night, with power flickering off and on, the police, fire EMS and public works departments responded to limbs snapping down on power lines, medical emergencies for transport and trees crashing to the ground. On Hippocket Road, a tree crashed through a house. On McIntosh Trail, a tree collapsed onto power lines, dousing lights through that portion of the city.

By 10 a.m. on Thursday morning, most roadways were passable at close to speed limit conditions with the exception of Peachtree Parkway north. Sporadic power outages continue with traffic lights out at Hwy 54 and Walt Bank and Hwy 54 and Robinson. Roads are expected to clear as the temperature increases. Chain saw crews are still out proactively moving trees to avoid road closures.

The public is reminded that any traffic light that is out should be treated as a four way stop. Police chain saw crews continue to remove trees falling or hanging in the roadways. The multi-use path system continues to be closed. No efforts are being made to clear the path system, so citizens are to avoid using the multi-use path system.


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