Thursday, October 23, 2014

Levels at Lake Peachtree to stay low


By Pat Cooper

The lake water is going to stay low a little longer, according to Peachtree City authorities.
The water level of Lake Peachtree in central Peachtree City was lowered in January to allow property owners along the western shorline to perform regular maintenance to their shorline and docks. Refilling the lake was expected to begin at the end of March. That date has been delayed.
During the time Lake Peachtree was lowered,Peachtree City and the Fayette County Water System performed a safety inspection on the spillway that regulates the water level in the lake. The safety inspection revealed the need to make repairs to the spillway. Staff is working to complete the necessary testing to develop a repair, but will the process will take about three more weeks. With that done, the city and county can determine when the lake can be returned to its normal pool level. Until the repairs are made, the lake’s level will be raised to a safepoint at or below the bottom of the spillway.
Once an acceptable means of repair is developed, staff will be better able to forecast when the lake can be returned to normal pool level. Until that time, staff will work to raise the level of the lake to a safe point at or below the bottom of the spillway.


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