Thursday, October 23, 2014

Home Depot opens Pinewood store


By Josh Akeman

Rather than cut a red ribbon, Fayetteville Mayor Greg Clifton sawed through an orange board to mark the opening of Home Depot

Home Depot has stepped into a new, local venture with their newly opened Pinewood store, which will be closed to the public and exclusively serve the needs of productions filming on site.
Last week, local leaders and a bevy of Home Depot employees attended the grand opening of the facility in which Fayetteville Mayor Greg Clifton and others welcomed the new Home Depot store to town.
The need for lumber, paint, and other various supplies will be great as productions ramp up for Ant Man, the first production to come to Pinewood Atlanta.
According to, J.T. Rieves, Home Depot's Vice President of Pro Business, this is a wholly unique project for Home Depot and it will require some on-the-fly learning.
"There's no model to go off, that's the interesting thing," Rieves said. "We've done some smaller market stores in small towns, but even those stores are significantly bigger than this store. So the question is, can we, in 45,000 square feet, create a model that works."
Rieves said most Home Depot stores come in around 135,000 square feet, including the outdoor garden section.
The store is also obviously catering to a much different customer than an average store, and Reives said the needs of various film productions will have to be monitored and, ideally, met swiftly. Film productions tend to move quickly and make adjustments on the fly, so responsiveness will be key.
"Then we'll constantly ebb and flow this thing. If something doesn't sell, we'll make it go away and if something is requested all the time, we'll add it to the mix," Rieves said. "The remainder of this is going to be all about sourcing products and bringing them in and, in many cases, it will be about timing, bringing it in and it will go out quickly. There's a benefit to not sitting on inventory that's not selling."
The store is not flying blind, however, as Reives said thus far the production companies have been very helpful in sharing what materials they've needed in the past for similar projects.
As this is Home Depot's first venture of this kind, Rieves said he hopes the store can serve as a model.
"There are so many places we'd love to try to help people out in these capacities that in the past we've not been able to successfully source product and do it quick enough to respond to the customer," Rieves said. "For us, if you can't do it A+ we just won't do it. This is the test to see if we can do this A+."


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