Monday, July 28, 2014

Mattie\'s call finds woman after accident


By Staff Reports

On Monday afternoon the Fayette County Sheriff's Department began a missing person investigation when a Fayette County resident was late returning home from a Fayetteville store. When deputies searched the route to and from the store and surrounding area failed to produce any leads, at 5:30 p.m. a Mattie's Call was instigated and the Sheriff's Office authorized a reverse 911 call which reached over 7,000 homes. Investigators received data from the missing woman's cell phone provider which helped narrow the search. At 11 p.m., patrol deputies on foot found the missing woman in her vehicle, several hundred feet off the road. The woman had been involved in a single car crash and was transported via air ambulance to Atlanta Medical Center. The Mattie’s call was cancelled once the woman was located. Fayette County Sheriff Barry Babb would like to thank all involved in the search and rescue of
the missing woman.


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Mattie\'s call finds woman after accident



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